Monday, March 7, 2016


MORE FROM THE IBMA.  If you go to You Tube as below you may also find a link to Maggie Peterson (Charlene Darling) doing one of my favorite jam tunes "Salty Dog Blues." Fun stuff and REAL bluegrass!

Happy birthday to Doug Dillard, who would have been 79 years old today. As a key member of the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame band, The Dillards, Doug developed his own distinctive banjo style that is still revered by banjo players today. He and The Dillards combined their great music with comedy to become a popular bluegrass band on TV back in the 1960s on the Andy Griffith Show as the Darlings and other variety shows. Check out this video of their appearance on the Judy Garland Show, playing "Buckin' (or Whoa) Mule". Doug passed away in 2012 and is dearly missed.
Also I have been watching reruns of the old Andy Griffith TV show om Me TV antenna channel 14 in the Billings region.

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