Saturday, March 12, 2016


Still unsure about YBA March 12  jam.  Recovering from left eye surgery.  Normal recovery so far, but vision will be fuzzy for several more days due to much antibiotic gel covering eyeball.  Acuity test good - meaning reading small print on chart. Started wearing glasses at 13 for myopia (nearsightedness).  Right eye cataract removal on Wednesday, March 16, 2015.Depth of field is all messed up until then.  I have to be really careful about that in household activities.  Too easy to knock items over or spill them.

BLUEGRASS CONNECTIONS:  My eye surgeon was Dr. Jerald Bell at the Billings Clinic.  Waiting for my first appt. in his exam room I saw a diploma from West Virginia with a photo of Senator Richard Byrd.  I told Dr. Bell that I recalled Sen. Byrd as playing good fiddle and I fiddled away, too. Then he said he was born in Knoxville,TN, his family did old time music when he was young, but later moved on to other states and got away from bluegrass.  Days later when being prepared in the OR there was some modern music in the background. Largely in jest, I said it was too bad it wasn't bluegrass.  He said, "Wait a minute.  We might be able to do something about that."  He walked back out of my field of vision as I lay on the table, and what do you know: oldtimey and bluegrass began pouring through the speakers.  (I don't know whether it was satellite radio or from an online service or what - just good music with no voice commercials and mainly instrumental. I was only on a local anesthetic so could comment when a fav like East Tennessee Blues came on.  I could hear him humming along and when a hot number began he told the anesthesiologist he could just see his sister clogging to it.  "She was tall and skinny and she could really clog."  They all burst into laughter when Johnny Cash came on singing, "A boy named Sue."  The doc did know his stuff.  As a nurse was wheeling me off to recovery I heard him say, "That one was Mississippi Sawyer."  The next day while removing the eye bandages and explaining my after surgery procedures he said, "We enjoyed your music so much we played it during the next surgery, too."

I didn't expect to have such a good time having cataract surgery.  I hope both eyes recover quickly.
I have a Cajun gig coming up in a couple of weeks.

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