Friday, February 26, 2016


The YBA has issued a correction for the Owl Cafe in Laurel this Saturday, 2-27-2016.  The Maverick String Stretchers WILL be playing at the Owl after all. In my not at all humble opinion these dudes  are simply the best bluegrssy pickers in this area - even though they sadly lack a fiddler. Mike
Blohm's banjo makes the difference (and Doug Habermann's energy on the bass doesn't hurt either.)

As mentioned earlier, Saturday breakfast bluegrass at Kennedy's on 24th West has open dates coming up.  These are 2 hour gigs, while the Owl's are for 3 hours. That basically means two 45 minute sets which isn't all that long. If your  group would like to perform call 406-696-2020 during business hours or contact YBA secretary Mark Millard.  I would be happy to assist as well.  I can easily drive to Kennedy's to talk with the management.

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