Thursday, February 25, 2016



Happy 89th Birthday to Dr. Ralph Stanley!
The bluegrass icon was born deep in the mountains of southwestern Virginia on this day in 1927. Of course, his story as a bluegrass banjoist and tenor singer is legend, both with his brother Carter as The Stanley Brothers, and later on his own with the fabled Clinch Mountain Boys.
IBMA Hall of Fame member Melvin Goins of The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers worked with Dr. Ralph both with the Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys. He fondly remembers those heady days of music, and, it's not surprising that a lot of fun accompanied the music.
"Ralph would get sore from the [long] bus rides and say, 'Melvin, come over here and jump on my bones so I can get on stage and look fresh,'" Goins told us this morning from his home in Kentucky. "So, I'd go over there and just 'waller' him real good, pound on his arms and shoulders until he said,'Enough, Melvin! I believe I'll get along real good now.'"
This photo shows Goins with Dr. Ralph, circa 1967, with a very young 2015 IBMA Hall of Fame inductee Larry Sparks on lead guitar and vocals, and the great Curly Ray Cline. Great memories!
Thank you for the music, sir! The world loves you!
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This song was recorded about 1968, when Ralph had just reformed the Clinch Mountain Boys (which was in 1967). This is called be Ready to Go. The Band here fe...

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